Friday, October 10, 2008

Winter Squash

Have you been to the farmers market lately? There are so many squash out there....and who knows how to cook them?
Well I do have an ebook called"Fron the Garden" on my site but I do think I saw a few I have never heard of. I alway wonder who saw that weird shaped thing and said "Boy I bet that would taste good with a little butter". Maybe it was "Paula Deen"!

I do have to say I haven't met a squash I didn't like especially with Butter! LOL. And you can cook them so many different ways. I take a cooking classes every other thursday and in the one we hade last night they cooked squash in a presser cooker. Wow now you know I need a presser cooker! It was delious! And they also did apple sauce. I am so sold!

Better close since I am on my way out to buy a presser cooker!

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