Friday, October 24, 2008

No Knead Bread!

I went to a cooking class tonight and it was wonderful as usual. Melanie Clark is the talented cooking diva who teaches our class. I really enjoy going to cooking classes, because it not only exposes you to great new recipes but also different cooking styles. I am a semi-homemade cook because I am always on the go, but I need my family to think I spent hours cooking for them. Melanie is a make from scratch cook. It is so fun to watch and learn all of the knowledge she has to offer.
She also uses a bosch mixer, which I know I need. And a pressure cooker! My husband thinks cooking class is just somewhere I go to learn about new "Have to Haves". Melanie also uses a wheat grinder to grind her own flour! (I told you she is amazing) But being the semi-homemaker, I will just drive across town to but the freshly ground flour from the bosch store.
Tonight she made the most delious bread called "No Knead Bread". This bread is the best for all cooks. Even children!
She said there is a video online to watch how its made if we wanted to see how to do it again. And I found it it on Martha Stewart's website. It is at
The recipe is right below the video and you can print it off. I really reccommend watching the video and making the bread. It is soo good! And it tasted really good with soup.

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  1. Hello! I need to try this bread, now that I have a pan for it! I love your site! Thanks for accepting my friend request...I am looking forward to keeping in touch with other UT "foodies!"


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