Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting Even!

Cooking with my Grandson Jackson to day was so fun!
His brother Ryan was being mean to him and calling him a
"Grumpy Gus" and this hurt Jax's feeling.
So we made cookies and since Ryan is his brother we have to
be nice and make him cookies too. Now one gets left out of the cookie 
tasting. Not even Ryan...
But we decide to put him in the dog house and make his cookies 
look like dog treats...
Jax's can't wait for him to get home now....

We just used the Krusteaz Sugar Cookie Mix.
And we did the recipe for the roll out dough.
So fast and easy, then we could spent time putting the colored sugar on them,
For a 3 year old that takes time to hit the cookie and not just get it all over 
the cookie sheet.
Now we are just waiting for Ryan to get home so Jax's can give
him the "Your in the Dog House treats".
He can't stop giggling. 
Such a fun Day!

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