Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where Would You Love to Cook Today?

I couldn't believe it when I saw this kitchen, just how cute and cozy it is.
I want this kitchen it is so darling. When I found it there was just one picture of the kitchen
and I knew this would be a blog I would need a cup of tea for.
I was right so fun to read. But the story of this kitchen is worth the stop by it shows 
before and after pictures.

So cozy! You have to stop by:

No lets get cooking....
With the weather starting to change I am really in the canning mood 
and I was over at:
If you haven't been to this blog you are missing out.
I love the layout it is a fun read and she always has beautiful pictures.
She has a bit of everything from recipes to home and garden.

 Stone Gable Strawberry Jam

5 cups crushed strawberries
7 cups sugar
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tsp butter
12-8oz. canning jars with lids and rims ( this recipe will use about 8-9)

* Do not double recipe. I made 3 seperate batches

Heat water in a large stockpot  or canner. Clean 8 oz. canning jars with warm sudsy water. Rinse thoroughly. *Only clean jars, set lids and rings aside. Put jars into the pot and make sure they are covered with water by 2 inches. Gently boil water. Jars must be sterilized. Do not take them out of the water. Keep canner gently boiling.

Heat water in a small sauce pan to a slow simmer. This will be used to warm up the lids. Keep water slowly simmering. Do not put lids in yet!

Rinse and hull strawberries.

Mash 1 cup of strawberries at a time to equal 5 cups. I use a potato masher.

In a seperate bowl measure 7 cups of sugar and set aside.

Put strawberries in a large pot and add 1 package of Sure Jell Premium Fruit Pectin, zest of a lemon, lemon juice and butter ( butter keep the foam to a minimum). Heat over medium heat stirring constantly. Bring strawberries to a rolling boil.

Add sugar all at once. Stirring constantly bring the mixture back to a boil for 1 minute.
Remove from heat.

Put lids (not rims) in the small saucepan and take off heat.

Take 1 jar out of simmering water at a time CAREFULLY. Skim off any foam that has formed on the top of the jam. Ladel jam into jars. Wipe off the rim of the jar with a clean damp paper towel.
Take lid out of hot water with tongs and place on jar. Screw on rims.

Put jars back in canner and process for 10 minutes. Take out of canner and put on a doubled kitchen towel.

Listen for that little"click" of the lids that tells you that they are sealed.
Let cool. Check that each lid has sealed by pressing the center of the lid. If it clicks or you can push the center down, refrigerate or freeze this jar because it has not sealed properly.

This is the recommended way to safely preserve jam. I always use Sure Jell. The directions are very thorough, percise and easy to understand.

At the end of the day, I am tired, sticky but very satisfied! My pantry looks beautiful with 26 jars of strawberry jam, 8 jars of raspberry jam and 6 jars of sour cherry jam. And my whole house smells like jam!

See I told you Stone Gable has beautiful pictures! 
This blog is one you will want to add to your blog roll for sure.

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