Monday, June 27, 2011

Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean Paste?

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Paste

I recently got a recipe that called for Vanilla Bean Paste and I had never heard of it. Since it is way more expensive than Vanilla extract I thought I didn't want it for just 1 recipe so I started reading. Vanilla bean paste is a lot thicker and resembles a thick syrup. I would never lick my fingers with vanilla extract on it but with Vanilla  bean that's a different story.It is really good to use in ice cream , cupcakes, cookies and frosting. It has little brown flakes in it making it look a lot more like vanilla. I am sure Ben and Jerry's vanilla bean ice cream has paste instead of extract in it. That's what the brown flakes are Vanilla Bean. It is harder to find than extract but you can get it at Williams-Sonoma and  Sur La Table. Now that I have used this I LOVE IT!


  1. Thank you! Interesting post. Now what can you tell me about Creme of Cocont? I saw this recipe that required it. I wrote the originator of the post but got no response. I've Googled it (dontcha just love Google being a verb?) and found conflicing info. It is a savory dish, not a sweet, so I think the "Creme of Coconut" that you get at the liquor store is not the right one. Nor is the "Coconut Cream" coffee sweetener! I've used Coconut Milk in recipes but have yet to try Creme of Coconut. Thank you! Toni

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I've never heard of vanilla bean paste, but sounds great! Do you know how you would use it compared to vanilla extract? Is it stronger or milder than vanilla extract?


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