Monday, February 1, 2010

Pressure Cookers are so much Pressure!!

Oh the pressure....I am old school when it comes to these....I was raised you stay away from the stove when Mom was using the preassure cooker. I have been going to Melanie's Cooking Classes for at least 2 years now and she is always using hers. After 1 year I finally got brave enough to buy one....a few months later I was brave enough to open the box and start reading the manual.....That took a month....I have now mastered "Carrots". And my carrots are to die for! It really has taken alot to get me past by fear and over the weekend I used it for 3 other recipes....YES I branched past carrots!  I did Manhatten Clam Chowder in it and it took ...with prep time 30 minutes from start to finish! So I have now decided I love this pan! I did follow Melanie's suggest and bought a Kuhn Rikon. It really is easy its just passing the fear! LOL! Let me know how you like your if you have one!

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  1. I got a pressure cooker for my wedding and absolutely love it for a quick meal! So far, I've only done carrots, potatoes, and a roast beef. The roast was tender and oh, so good ~ You have a really nice pressure cooker...I would love to see what other foods you cook in it.


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