Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kitchen Towels

I love making dish towels....I know you have heard me say this before.....but I really do love making them. And this time of year I love to pull out some of my favorite ones. This one is one I made for my coobook And I really had fun making it. The pattern is in the cookbook. Gingerbread boys and girls are one of my favorite. I was thinking of doing a whole tree for my kitchen in them. Wouldn't that be cute. I am looking so forward to putting up a tree. I think I will put up my tree with only light before Thanksgiving. And then the day after I can trim it. After all they aren't up all that long. Have a great day and stop by again!

1 comment:

  1. Now THIS is a darling idea! I'm always looking for projects I can do with my grand-daughters and this is definitely one. And don't you think if they make the dishtowel, they'll be more inclined to USE it when working in the kitchen? :-) Thanks for sharing.


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