Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday!

I know its been a while since my last post, but I had a week off to get ready for Thanksgiving and to figure out the shopping plan for "Black Friday". I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! And you all had left overs to make some of those delious recipes all the cooking shows showed us for weeks before.
"Black Friday".....hum .... well I know why it has its name! We got up at 3:30 am to make sure we were at Kohls bright and early. They opened at 4:00 am. We are driving there and get there about 10 minutes early..... and the line has already formed and goes down the complex past the other 4 stores and around the corner! So I took it we were late....Dang! And it was raining! So we waited until they opened the doors and slowly push our way thru with everyone else. I went one way and my Daughter went the other. You know divide and conquer! I ran to the back of the store to get the great deal on Kitchenade knife sets just to find out the store only put out 4 of them and the first 2 ladies back there each got 2. Oh well after all we didn't stand in the rain for 2 hours before the store opened so they deserved them! We did grab a few things and then stood in line for 30 minutes. On to the next store!!
We arrived at JC Penney's just in time to get the 4 inch snow globe they were giving away!! Score! We found several things to buy at great prices! And went on to Walmart.....
Now that was ZOO! And anyone in there right mind should never go there on "Black Friday".
But then again we were still half asleep. We were excited to find that they did really stock the door busters that were advertized! We found palletts of great buys! I love when a store really plans for this sale. After doing more shopping we headed for the craft stores! Have you noticed that at christmas everything they carry is just what you need ( or really want). We were now hungry and very tired so home we went for left over turkey sandwiches!! And a Nice nap! We really deserved it after that long day! And now all we have to do is wrap all of those gifts!!

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