Thursday, November 13, 2008

Addicted to Aprons!

I love aprons! I would wear one to work and bed if I could. There is nothing more fun than cooking with a pretty apron on. I swear my food taste better when I wear one. I even like to make them. And it they have become very popular again.
You can find hundreds of patterns but I really like the old fashion ones that I call " full frontal". Ones that cover me from a little below my neck to down to my knees. It always amazes me where I can spill while cooking. I feel like Sandra Lee decorating her kitchen, when I plan what I am wearing to go with my apron. And some days that is easier said than done. Because after all, if I look pretty while fixing a meal for a friend or family they always think I cook better than I do!
I did find the best place to get free apron patterns......
and if you google "free apron patterns" you can even find more! And I thought for 11/26 "National Tie One On Day" this would be a great place to find a pattern if you want to make make your give-away apron. But just in case it turns out to cute...make 2. It almost just as easy to make 2 as 1. I think one of my favorite memories of my grandmother is coming into her kitchen as a child and smelling the wonderful things she was making and seeing her in her apron! It made me feel so content to be at her house.
I would love to hear from any of you that love aprons as much as I do, and have a favorite story.
So until next time remember "cooking miracles happen when you wear your apron"!

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